Singing My Song

“Older Self is stern and sharp.  Older Self has adopted the emphatic, no-nonsense speaking style of formidable women with whom she worked in countless New York City offices before deciding she never again wanted to work anywhere but her own home (a place where, over the years, she has lost a certain amount of people skills and has been known to begin conversations as though slamming a cleaver into a side of raw beef.)” – Meghan Daum, Unspeakable

God: right here, right now

“God is hidden in plain sight, yet religion seems determined to make it more complicated. Much of low-level religion suggests that to find God you need this morality and that behavior and this ritual and that performance and this belief system. Western Christianity has largely refused to allow God to be as simple, obvious, democratic, and available as God has made (and makes!) God’s self—right here and right now.”- Richard Rohr

Integrating Myself

Integrate: to combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole.

Today I’ve been integrating my various personae on the internet. Before linking my photo website to this blog and other social media accounts, I added the subtitle “Faith, Hope. Love.” It made me re-think the snarky tweets I’ve made on Twitter this year. Are they consistent with a peace-filled, Christ-centered life? No. That’s why they’re presently being wiped clean via TwitWipe.

In yesterday’s yoga class, the instructor suggested we consider three things before speaking. Is what I’m about to say truthful? is it kind? is it necessary? Since Trump’s election, most of my Facebook posts have failed to meet these criteria. They’ve been fueled by rage, despair, and fear.

I need to integrate my faith and commitment to social justice in a way that would please both Christ and Thich Nhat Hanh.